Coordinator of UN-Habitat Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic

Pablo Vaggione is a spatial planning and urban and regional development specialist. In his 20 years of experience in emerging markets, he has assembled top international consortiums and led complex multidisciplinary teams on the field, working in projects supported by government agencies, development companies and most major International Financial Institutions, including the Asian Development Bank, CAF – Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina, Inter-American Development Bank  and the World Bank Group.

Pablo has developed an extensive portfolio of operationally useful knowledge management, facilitation and training activities. He is the author of UN-HABITAT’s Urban Planning for City Leaders, a guide for emerging cities intending to fill the gap between the technical and the policy aspects of urban planning. He has advised Singapore’s Center for Livable Cities and served as Secretary General and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP). He has collaborated with the Economist Intelligence Unit in the preparation of the Green City Index comparing 54 cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

He received a master's degree at Harvard University and has completed graduate studies in the United Nations University.